VisionTools: icon-based development for smart cameras with no programming!

Smart camera Vision tool No C programmingDevelop and test your machine vision application on a Smart Camera in just hours without writing a program!'s FREE!

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Visual, drag&drop development.

Icon based, intuitive graphic environment on your PC helps you configure a full fledged machine vision application by creating a flowchart with powerful image processing tools. Just Drag&drop our powerful image processing tools into an intuitive flowchart!
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Extremely fast development :
- no programming in C or other languages
- immediately test your results on real images
- complete smart camera emulator

VisionTools Flowchart program Graphic program
Add and configure several powerful image processing tools into a flowchart to define your inspection sequence:
- subpixel dimensional gauging
- contrast verification
- edge and contour extraction
- object counting, searching, sorting...
- watershed segmentations
- Barcode
and many more...

List of available tools 

VisionTools Image processing tools Image processing functions
Built-in smart camera simulator: fully test your inspection on real images within your PC, even without a camera!
Your program can be executed and tested, while the smart camera video output and reuslts will be displayed on the PC screen.

You can inspect real images from a camera, or test images from recorded files and even from .AVI

Speed up debug and maintainance, even remotely: collect images from a distant installation, test and correct your inspection program, then install the new version on the smart camera!

VisionTools Smart camera simulator
The final and proven application will eventually be downloaded and executed by a standalone Smart Camera, with no more need of a connected PC.

Even a cheap Mxx camera, although without a video output, can display images and a user interface just as if on a virtual monitor!

Interfaccia utente smart camera
A fully customizable graphic user Interface (GUI) can be displayed on the Smart Camera video output, identical to the one generated by the simulator.

Several graphic elements can be displayed, such as lines, rectangles, ellipses, text for measurements and results.
Windows, buttons, checkboxes, list selection or editable fields are also available, which can be controlled with a mouse, a virtual keyboard or a touch-screen display.

VisionTools Graphic user interface - Smart camera GUI

User expandable: write your own C functions, then use them as tools within the VisionTools editor!

Protect your investment: integrators can encrypt their application, preventing examination, duplication or execution on cameras other than the ones they provided a license for.

A powerful, fully functional application can be deployed using just a smart camera and possibly a display. 
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